Meher Pilgrim Retreat and the Courtyard Tile Wall

      While I did not take photos of the MPR, or of the wonderful tile wall, on this pilgrimage, it seems important that anyone who sees these pages should be able to call up a concrete image of the palatial MPR and the glorious Hymn-of-a-tile-wall. One could easily fill a scrapbook with striking photos of each. Here I offer just the barest glimpse. (Photos from a previous pilgrimage, August of 2010.)

Meher Pilgrim Retreat by Jay Schauer
MPR room interior 2 MPR room

Courtyard Tile Wall, Meher Pilgrim Retreat

     Many who read this will have already heard the story of how Dot Lesnick, the originator and dynamo behind the wall, shipped the 4,000 or so tiles to Meherabad. A few broke in shipping, etc. But when Dot assembled them all and placed them according to theme and color, as intuition guided her...there were exactly enough for the space!
tile wall secton, MPR courtyard, Meherabad tile wall section including author and wife's tile tile by Max and Barbara (author and wife)
   This is the tile my wife Barbara and I made together back in 2003 at the home of  dear Lori Converse. Never thought I'd find it!

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