photo by Jim Kirkpatrick
  Members of the chorus of Sufism Reoriented sing before Mira White's "Meher Baba in the Forest".

      posted July 13

     When I reported on Sunday's movie at the Palace of Fine Arts, I was overwhelmed by the number of people that came and the energy and enthusiasm. I neglected to mention some other aspects of the event.
      Besides the movie, shown four times daily on the big screen in the Palace's 1000-seat theater, there are extensive goings-on in the large foyer area: the "Extravaganza of the Heart" Baba Art Show, featuring artists from all over the USA: Charlie Mills, Diane Cobb, Lyn Ott, Anthony Davis, David Barison, David Berry, Nadia Phillips, Mira White, Janet Luck, Nick Boisvert, John Hobson, Ed Flanigan, and many others. There are some gorgeous, full-sized paintings of Baba, and a great variety of styles and sizes.

     This past Saturday and Sunday also featured between-show performances by the chorus of Sufism Reoriented. Around 40 chorus members delivered thrilling renditions of the American Arti and several other songs during three intermissions on Saturday, and three different songs at Sunday performances.

     What with the art show, the film, the chorus, the book table, and the Palace refreshment center, it was quite a multi-media show. The atmosphere was light, buzzing, joyful, and profound.

     I heard from someone who worked at the first (4 pm) showing yesterday—Monday—and she said there were 80 people at that showing. That's exceptional for a 4 pm show on a Monday.

     If I hear any more, I'll pass it on.

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