Question: I'm trying to put a little article together, for people who aren't in the Bay Area, so they can know what's been going on here. Might you just share how you got to the movie, and what your experience with Meher Baba is, and what you thought of the movie, and whatever you feel like saying?

Naomi Rose: Well, literally we got here because we saw an ad in the paper.

Question: Which paper was it?

Naomi: I think it was the Chronicle.

Ralph Dranow:  It was the Chronicle.

Naomi: I have known of Meher Baba, sort of peripherally, for years, along with knowing of other spiritual Teachers, but I didn't know very, very much. I had a friend who has had His picture on her altar for awhile, but really, what I knew from maybe, I don't know, ten or fifteen or twenty years back, I was so impressed at what a beautiful face He had. That stayed with me.
             Seeing the movie is my first experience of anything showing Him, other than a still photograph. I don't really think before that I knew what it meant that He's an Avatar. And I's a little bit hard to put into words. It was very affecting. I could tell, because at some point I did what seems like falling asleep, but actually (laughs) it's going into some other place. Very affecting.

Question: Do you recall any particular parts that affected you deeply?

Naomi: Toward the beginning, when He was washing the feet, and the soundtrack that went with that, what He was saying; and His walking among the people with this gesture of Blessing them.

I came because Naomi suggested it. I didn't know much about Meher Baba. Mainly, what I knew was His vow of silence for a long time, and I was curious about that. I still don't understand why He did that, but I'm glad I came. The movie was quite moving, and the art work is certainly beautiful. So I think I'm going to be motivated to learn more about Him, read some of His writings and the writing about Him, because I am curious about His vow of silence.

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