"King of Kings" by Susan White
Detail from "King of Kings " by Susan White.


Question: Could you share how you happened to come to this movie? The inception for my interviewing people was to give those who love Meher Baba and don't live in the Bay Area a multi-faceted description of this event.

Cimron: Well, someone that we care about very much invited us here.

Elise: And we trust her implicitly (both laugh).

Question: What had you known about Meher Baba before coming here?

Cimron: I think that mostly what I knew about Him was that He would just emanate Love. That's the thing I definitely noticed.

Elise: "Don't worry, be happy."

Cimron: (laughing) Oh, that's right, don't worry, be happy.

Question: So what was it like being here? Can you describe the experience?

Elise: I just felt a lot of Love coming out of the film, and from Him. It was beautiful, incredible. It was really, really wonderful, it's very...big.

Cimron: Yeah. I've known of Meher Baba since the '70s, but I really didn't know who He was until tonight. It was an amazing experience.

Question: So you feel the film gave you a sense of that.

Cimron: Oh, absolutely! It was a beautiful experience.

Question: And did you have an impression of the paintings?

Elise: I am amazed with that needle-point! That is so powerful! I can't believe that! The person who did that was...infused!

Cimron: Yeah. Definitely.

Question: Do you folks live in the city?

Elise: I do.

Cimron: I live in Redwood Valley. It's a hundred and twenty miles from here.

Question: And you came down just for this.

Cimron: I came down just for this.

Elise: She told me about it.


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