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When Life was in the Pink
And You were Food
And I was hungry

And You Showed me to Your Feast,
Why, the world was pink and laughing,
And You were Honeycomb,
As much as needed
To fill my appetite.

The Real World laughed
Into this shadow-plane like bells
And blew it up like a balloon
With laughing gas.
You had me escorted by Saints
And tame lions
And the Sun stayed round and cool
In the sky all day and night.

When Life was pink
A quiet Miracle was happening.
A Joke had been told
That was met with Silent Laughter,
Which grew into a mighty
Atmosphere of Love.

The gates of the Kingdom
Had opened then,
And You had me escorted
Inside the gates.

Oh, my beloved Lord and Friend,
I remember how You threw
Your Cloak around me and all Life
Was covered, smiling and pink,
With only You.

Now, with the myriad crisscross paths
Of the famous Labyrinth,
And the Road to You
Hidden somewhere therein,
Sun is hot
And nights again are long.

Longing grows,
And the pull of the world.

It gets tiresome.
You Know how tiresome
it gets.

Won't You take out Your Brush
And Pinken things just a dab?



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