Olaf and Lena

      Olaf is on his first date with Lena, a teacher whose personal ad he answered. He picks her up in his car. As he drives, he puffs on a cigarette and politely offers her one, too.
     "Oh, I don't do that," Lena says quietly.
     Olaf takes her to a nice restaurant for dinner.  The waiter brings a wine list. Olaf asks Lena if she'd like to order something to drink.
     "Oh, I don't do that," she replies.
     They have an excellent dinner. On the way home, Olaf passes a motel with a big sign saying SPECIAL FOR COUPLES. Thinking he's probably already blown his chances with Lena and that there's nothing to lose, he says, "Hey, Lena, see that sign? How 'bout goin' in there."
     She says, "I'd love to, Olaf."
     As Olaf parks, he's a little confused. Finally he turns to Lena and says, "There's one thing I don't understand. How is it that you won't have a cigarette, and you won't have a glass of wine, but you're willing to go to a motel with me. Isn't that a bit of a paradox? What will you tell the children at your school?"
     "Same thing I always tell them," Lena answers. "You don't have to smoke or drink to have a good time."


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