I, myself, discovered this great expressionist painter.
     In my first years of forays into the history of modern art, I never came across the name Gustav Klimt, and I didn't have the sense that anyone important had been left out of my little "pantheon".
     One day in 1989, though, I was at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'd already finished my visit to the galleries, and was blowsing in the Bookstore/Gift Shop. A book with a lot of gold on the cover caught my attention. Right then and there, I had my first view of Klimt's eternal image, "The Kiss".
     Klimt was an unique painter. He was practically a goldsmith in his sensitive use of that significant color. His figures, designs, and use of various shapes almost as a kind of hieroglyphic, all contribute to his having his own place in modern art history. He also did gorgeous, impressionist paintings, and some fascinating portraits of women.


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