"La Musique", 1939

                  You won't find any flying chickens in Matisse's canvasses. What you will              find  is the glory of the human--usually, female--form, and natural patterns like              the leaves above, that express the voluptuous bliss of form and color. "Matisse              showed me pages straight from Heaven," I told the reviewer who interviewed              me about one of my own exhibits of paintings.

                  Like Chagall, the very thought of Matisse filled me, for years, with active joy.             He will always remain an influence in my own work, though he was a master             draftsman and I'm not even a dillatente. His unlimited boldness when it comes to             color, as well as his figures and the way they are always integral parts of a             wonderful composition, burn brightly, deep in my psyche, as inspirations.

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