Here are a few Meher Baba sites on the Web:  is a main clearing-house, with LOTS of
links to messages, books, groups, centers, poetry, music, special
events, and more  brings the entire book of Meher Baba's
Discourses online is the entire 20-volume biography of Meher Baba
by disciple Bhau Kalchuri (minus pictures, at this point) online. It is
searchable, and therefore a wonderful resource for checking what Baba
may have said on a topic, or when he might have been at a given place in
the world new! Avatar Meher Baba Online Radio: (mostly) 
music, poetry, discourses, 24/7!
is another Baba "clearing-house" site with lots of information and links. Includes a page where you can send a Baba-card by e-mail! has many hours of streaming audio recordings of talks given by Baba's close ones in Mandali Hall in India. "The King At The Palace":
"Meher Baba: Avatar Of The Age", the movie that played July 2-15, 2004, at
the San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts. Photos, commentary, interviews trying
to convey the spirit of a thrilling event. New! Chinese language Meher Baba website.
The website contains: A biography of Meher Baba; some discourses from Baba's
Discourses, including the New Humanity, Love, Avatar, Search for God, and The
Beginning and the End of Creation. It also contains the first chapter of God Speaks;
the Universal Prayer, Repentance Prayer; and Baba's messages, eg. Universal Message. Also, links and contact address.
BOOKSTORES Sheriar Press books in Myrtle Beach the bookstore of the LA Baba Center Searchlight Books, bookstore of Sufism Reoriented MAILING LISTS is the URL of a listserv that serves
daily installments of quotes from and about Meher Baba, as well as pertinent
announcements from the Baba World.  is a forum for followers of
Meher Baba to exchange ideas, share their experiences and inspirations. describes itself as a forum "for the discussion
and sharing of conversation related to the Indian spiritual master Meher Baba."
See for more information. MYSTICAL POETRY wonderful "sacred poetry" site, from all traditions,
many countries, and much of recorded history. Also, streaming audio of contemporary
spiritual music. "Chaikhana" is the name for one of the tea-shops that sprung up along the
Silk Road, where travelers would recite poems. POETS, ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, ARTISANS,
AND MISCELLANEOUS WEB SITES: Cherie Plumlee's unique artistry
in merging Meher Baba's image (in photo and paint) with glorious graphics gives rise to
sublime emotions in the viewer. To visit this site feels like a Pilgrimage. And you can
order the cards! MEHER BABA GROUPS USA New York City Northern California (Bay Area) Sacramento, CA Southern California INDIA Delhi Center more to come