Finished with your post-lifetime Review? 
Tired of waiting between worlds? 
Eager for Adventure? 
Longing to eat real food again? 
Now, you too can have 


Take a century-long 
SOJOURN ON    PLANET EARTH!!!* Conveniently located in the Milky Way galaxy. enjoy: *rivers and oceans *the taste of coffee *rainforests *futuristic, modern cities *thousands of different kinds of cuisine *genuine oxygenated atmosphere *music to your taste INCARNATE IN THE CENTER OF THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE! "The only place to go to balance your head and heart!" --Meher Baba Apply today! simply go to _________ *warning: --some countries may be over-crowded. --air barely breathable in some places.        --wars, revolutions, or natural disasters may
happen anywhere, any time. --spiritual path strips you of all desires. --offer does not apply during Mahapralaya. --offer not warrantied or refundable. --avatar may not be in physical Incarnation. --void where prohibited by karmic law.



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