Anybody else feel that way? So out of the loop you don't even get the virus that's crashing computer systems world-wide? Don't you want an "I love you" message? Of course, I'd delete any "I love you" messages, but at least then I'd get to do the rejecting.


     On a different note, there was a guy in my first or second grade class, who'd moved up from Mississippi or somewhere, whose name was Vyron. Vyron Van Fuqua. I think of him now and then. I think he was only in our school a couple years. After that I never saw him again.
      Vyron talked...well, you had to be there, maybe. He talked the way you might imagine a guy named Vyron might talk. He had a kind of speech impediment and spoke very slowly in a high-pitched, whiny-sounding, nasal voice.
      A speech impediment and a name like that. Imagine. What ever happened to all those strange children from elementary school? So many were in their own worlds, total one-of-a-kinds.
      Some, you feel such compassion for, they were such tender, protection-needing beings, they would never be able to survive in the "adult world", at least the children as you knew them then, wouldn't.
      Vyron is probably wearing a suit and some corporate vice-President now, somewhere. None of you know him, do you?


     I've also been thinking of the pretty blonde girl who was the lead in our 4th grade French Class production of "Snow White" ("Blanche Neige") . You know, the girl who *always* got the lead in *everything*, all the way up through the end of high school. No other females ever needed apply?
     In the play, Snow White was setting out on some journey, and she sang this pretty song with a refrain line, "I'm on my way, on my way." It rings in my memory as a setting out on Life's Journey for all of us. What a lovely voice she had. I can hear it through about 45 years of memory.

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