Here are most of the films we've seen since Spring of 2004. I'm too tired to write reviews tonight. 
As a guide, for now, I'll rate the movies on a scale of ten. You can read plot summaries and reviews
of all of these films by going to the Internet Movie Data Base. (Note as to why I give so many of the films below high ratings: we rent lots of very good ones! I'm gradually adding
capsule "reviews" to give you a little more to go on.)
Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) 8-- extremely sultry and compelling Tennessee Williams drama. With Mon Monty Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Katherine Hepburn...I mean, wow!
Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life and Other Strange Tales 8--
I recommend these quirky, imaginatively- done tales, 4 of them in all, highly. They're unique, often very funny, as well as strange. Lagaan (2001) 8--Took us two tries to get into this one, as the "Bollywood Musical" feel made it
seem superficial, at first. But it's a tender, funny drama of Indian villagers fighting the British--on
the cricket court, as many already know.
The Barbarian Invasions (2003) 7.5--
an interesting Canadian movie about the old and the new.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring (2004) 8--
gorgeous cinematography and a meaningful, "zen" story. Fitzcarraldo (1982)  9.5--See this one some time before you die! In some ways it's the grandest cinematic epic I've
ever seen. A story of borderline madness that flips at the end and leaves a viewer grinning, if not laughing
or getting up and dancing! Werner Herzog is one of the boldest directors on earth.
Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) 8 --
heart-rending scenes of the Bosnian war, a strong story.
A Shadow You Soon Will Be (1994) 5 The Big Picture (1989) 6 In America (2002) 6.5 Monsieur Ibrahim (2003) 8--
touching. I didn't like it quite as well as Barbara. Into the Woods (1990) 8 Sondheim's "ironic fairy tale" works as irony AND as fairy tale. A glorious work or art
on many levels.
The Pianist (2002) 9--
Polanski's sensitively and wonderfully filmed holocause drama. Tenderly holds the viewer
just this side of heartbreak, to vicariously experience the protagonist's amazing World War II years. Good Bye, Lenin (2003) 7.5 The Station Agent (2003) 8--a beautiful film about a "little person" who is not a freak, but an ordinary
human being. Testamento (1997) 7 Bon Voyage (2003) 7 8 1/2 (1963) 8.5 Best Man (1997) 4 Chuck & Buck (2000) 7.5 New York Stories (1989) 8 In This World (2003) 7.5 House of Sand and Fog (2003) 8 Croupier (1998) 7 Beautiful Thing (1996) 8 Best Boy (1979) 9
Amarcord (1974) 9 Life Is to Whistle (2000) 6
Autumn Spring (2001) 8.5 Ciao, Professore! (1993) 7 Shadow Magic (2001) 8 Solas (1999)  8 Angels in America  9 Six Feet Under: Season 1: Disc 1   9
Judgment At Nuremberg   9
Into the Woods  9 Mr. and Mrs. Iyer   8.5
A Passage to India 9
Coast to Coast 8.8
Antonia's Line   9 Intimate Strangers   8.5 Impromptu   8 La Dolce Vita   7.5
La Strada    8.5 The Company  8.5 Casa de los Babys   8
Postmen in the Mountains    8.5 The Leopard (Original Italian Version)  8.5
The Passion of Joan of Arc, 1928   8.5
The Saddest Music in the World 4
Crumb    5
The Widow of St. Pierre 8
The Five People You Meet in Heaven  9
Finding Neverland  8.5
Blue    7 My Father's Glory  8.5
My Mother's Castle    8.5
Kitchen Stories 5
Faraway, So Close! 7.5
Dersu Uzala 7.5
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 9


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