"Old Faithful", the World's
Oldest Frozen Yogurt Machin

     Namaste' is a great Indian restaurant, located at 1671 Willow Pass Road in the Park n' Shop shoppping center in Concord, California. The proprietor, Sam, puts out a terrific buffet every day and caters many banquets all over the "Gulab* Archipelago", as the S.F. Bay Area is coming to be known.

     Near the back of the restaurant, there it sits, unobtrusively, a dark, brown, silent box. You wouldn't necessarily notice it until dessert time. Then, if you're the frozen confection type, you'll look around, aware that Indian restaurants often have mango frozen yogurt or ice cream on a self-serve basis.

     You read the instructions and pull the handle up. The machine chugs into action. It sputters and churns. You don't know whether it's going to make it. But in the end, your cup is filled with orange mango ice cream...a little soft, but delicious.

     A replacement machine is on order, I believe. If you live in the area, drive on out to Namaste' and see Old Faithful with your own eyes, while it's still possible!
*Gulab—a round ball of cooked dough soaked in syrupy liquid, served as a dessert at most Indian restaurants in America.