School Days and Preschool Days, Too:
A treasury of anecdotes culled from my work and play as a preschool worker and an elementary school after- school activities supervisor


     I was working at a jigsaw puzzle
with a kindergartener and a third grader. I'm pretty good with puzzles up to a hundred pieces, able to appear a genius, in fact, to small children. Beyond that size, though, when dozens of pieces are the same color and roughly the same shape, I get completely flummoxed. This particular puzzle was right at my limit.
      In the midst of our silent concentration, the kindergartener suddenly piped up, "I wish my dad was here! He knows more than all of you! "
      To which the 3rd grader promptly responded, "Oh? Does he know his times tables?"
      Smiling with enormous self-satisfaction, she added, "I do!"


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