School Days and Preschool Days, Too:
A treasury of anecdotes culled from my work and play as a preschool worker and an elementary school after- school activities supervisor




     A precocious preschool girl asked if she could borrow my Disney songbooks to "play school". Consenting, I watched her drill a small contingent of younger children, marching them from place to place in the play yard. At each new location she would tell them to sit down. "School starts in sixteen minutes!" she would say. The children would open their books as she sternly admonished them to do their lessons. Then, in a little while, she would snap shut her own book with the command to her 'students', "Class Just Missed!"
     I made some vague, wry comment on her choice of words. Suspecting she might not be getting her impersonation of a grown-up teacher precisely correct, she shortened her barked order the next time to a simple "Class Missed!".

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