School Days and Preschool Days, Too:
A treasury of anecdotes culled from my work and play as a preschool worker and an elementary school after- school activities supervisor


     I'd been working on a Princess drawing for some kindergarten girls to color during Aftercare. On my way to xerox the finished product in the office, I stopped in the Teacher's Lounge. As I prepared coffee, a 2nd grade boy came into the room.
     "I'm getting tea for Ms. Thea!" he proudly declared his mission. Then he happened to notice the drawing I was holding.
     "What do you have there?" he asked.
     "Oh, it's a drawing I've been doing," I said.
     "Let me see," he said.
     I placed the picture on the table for his perusal. He seemed to study it for quite awhile. Then he looked straight up at me.
     "Draw the Civil War!" was his delphic comment, and he was gone, with his tea, from the room.

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