NOTE: This e-mail is part of a fundraising effort to beautify the Internet. Please share it with as many people as possible.

     As you may have noticed, cyberspace can be a nature-barren place, devoid of the kind of lush beauty one sees while going for a drive in the country or backpacking in the wilderness, or even walking down one's own tree-lined street. Many people spend the majority of their time in cyberspace nowadays, and the signs and symptoms of this deprivation are becoming widespread.

      To beautify the Internet, we are hereby announcing the Trees For Cyberspace Project. We are trying to raise a million dollars for some natural beauty to line the Information Superhighway. We realize this is only the barest beginning, but, well, perhaps the best way to say it is that from tiny acorns...

     There are millions of pages in cyberspace. This initial fund-raiser will enable us to plant only in the most heavily-travelled byways. Nevertheless, it is a beginning. If some of the seed money is properly invested, it will yield more. And this effort may inspire others to plant their own "gardens".

     If you would like to take part in this noble endeavor, please send a donation to TREES FOR CYBERSPACE 550 S. Skyway Blvd., Suite 1A Seattle, WA 98104

     If you are one of those who have made their fortune in relation to the Internet, we hope you will feel especially inspired to plow something back into the source of your wealth. Pledges of $100 or more entitle you to a cyber tree planted in your name. Bill and Melinda Gates have already made a generous donation, and a handsome stand of aspens at some as-yet-to-be-determined portal, will be known as Gates Grove.

     Of course, we are democratic. You, too, can leave such a legacy for posterity. Small contributions, though, are equally important. All donations, of course, are tax deductible.

                          Sincerely Yours,
                         Osgood Thibault
                              Honorary Chairman
                                                TREES FOR CYBERSPACE

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