What Are REAL nothings, Anyway?

     "Real nothings" is a phrase I heard used by Eruch Jessawala, one of the closest Disciples of Meher Baba, whom I believe to be the Spiritual Authority of our age. When I was on pilgrimage at Meher Baba's community in India in the mid-90s, Eruch used the phrase in one of his talks in Mandali Hall, the place where Meher Baba, during His time on earth, met for many years with his closest male disciples.
     Eruch said that every form, every object in Illusion (the world) is "nothing in itself, but bears the stamp of Reality (God)."
     "Real nothings," he continued, putting the concept in a single phrase.

     I felt I'd heard something important that day. "Real nothings" describes something like a work of art for me, as well as life-forms I see each day, and my own life here in the realm Baba refers to as Illusion.



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