A short play for young children

by Max Reif ("Mr. Max")
A note for teachers who would like to do "Albert" in class

dragons with their dragon-hats on fill the Circle, walk or dance or fly around.

Narrator: Albert was born in Dragonland, where lots of dragons lived. He 
played with little dragons all the time. He learned to fly with them. He
danced with them. He did things with them whenever he wanted to. Song: Dragonland, Dragonland. When you need a dragon, One will lend a hand. Hardly enough room For them all to stand! In Dragon Land. But when Albert was still small, his family got sent to the People City.
That was when dragons still wanted people to know there were such
things as dragons. So they always kept a few dragons living near people. Albert's family found a nice cave in the Park in the middle of People
City. Right at the edge of the park. Across the street from the Fire Station. SCENE 1 In the cave of Albert the Dragon's family. The cave is in
City Park, on a hill overlooking the street at the edge of
the park. Right across the street is the Fire Station.
Albert's Mother: Albert! (no answer) Albert! (no answer) (calls louder) ALBERT! ENTER ALBERT, a young dragon Albert: Yes, mom! Albert's Mother: Why didn't you answer me, Albert? Albert: Oh, I was out by the cave door, watching the
fire-fighters, mom! Albert's Mother: Watching the fire-fighters? Again? Albert: I love to watch them! Albert's Mother: But you're a dragon, Albert!
Dragons like treasure, not fire-fighters! Albert: I love the fire-fighters! Song: My name is Albert, I am a little Dragon. When I grow into a big one, I'm gonna to be a fireman. I love a fireman's hat Love a fire truck, And I'll be one, if I have good luck! (pretending to be a Fireman, he sings) Fire Truck, Fire Truck, I want to ride On a Fire Truck. Can I go back and watch them now? Albert's Mother: All right, son, go ahead. EXIT ALBERT ALBERT'S FATHER FLIES IN Albert's Dad: Where's Albert going? Albert's Mother: Oh, he's out there watching the
fire-fighters again. Albert's Dad: Don't you think we should tell him? Albert's Mother: No, it would break his heart.
He'll find out soon enough. SCENE 2
In the office of the Fire-Station. There's a counter,
with one of those bells you push. Albert is standing
at the counter. There's no one behind it.

Albert rings the bell. A Fireman appears behind the counter. He wears a red
hat and suspenders. Fireman: May I help you? Albert : (very brightly.) Hi, my name is Albert!
I'm big now! I want to apply for a job! Fireman: (appears surprised.) You want a job? Albert: (just as brightly as before) That's right!
I want to be a fireman! Fireman: Um-I'll let you talk to our Chief. He leaves. A moment later, ENTER CHIEF EDDIE Chief Eddie: Hi, I'm Chief Eddie! Albert: Hi, Chief Eddie. My name is Albert! Chief Eddie: What can I do for you, Albert? Albert: I want to be a fireman! Chief Eddie: But you're a dragon, aren't you, Albert? Albert: I sure am! Chief Eddie: Well, Albert, a dragon can't be a
fire-fighter! Fire-fighters put out fires, and dragons
breathe fire! Song: I'm very sorry, Albert, This is hard to say. I just can't give a dragon work As a fire-fighter, For every time a dragon breathes He becomes a fire-Lighter! Albert starts to cry. EXIT ALBERT SCENE 3 ALBERT is on stage, flying back and forth, back and forth.

Albert didn't go home to his cave. Instead,
he started to fly. He was crying so hard, he couldn't
see where he was going. He didn't know it, but he was flying straight
toward the North Pole!      As he flew farther north, the ground was all white
with deep snow. Dragons have thick skin, but Albert
was cold! And it was snowing so hard he couldn't
see a thing! He was afraid he would freeze! But some North Pole FAIRIES saw him flying. Fairy 1: What's a dragon doing way up here? Fairy 2: I don't know, but he might be in trouble! He could freeze! Fairy 3: Let's help him! The Fairies fly till they're right beside Albert. Fairy 1: There's a town near here. Fairy 2: Follow us! So they flew some more. Finally, the fairies said: Fairies: The town's right below here, Albert. Good luck!
We've got to go. Bye. (fairies fly away.) Albert started to come down. He came down just outside the
town of Frozen Dawg, the farthest North city in the whole world! Finally, Albert started to come down.
He came down just outside the town of Frozen Dawg, the
farthest North city in the whole world! SCENE 4 The people of Frozen Dawg are standing in their little
"downtown". . The people are staring at Albert as he
walks toward them.
Child: Are you aa dragon? Albert: Yes, how do you know? Child: We did a song about a dragon, in my school! Mayor: (holding out his hand) I'm Mayor Bainbridge. Albert: Hello, my name is Albert. Mayor: We're very happy you decided to come here. Albert: (still wiping his tears away) Thank you. Mayor: Albert, the people of Frozen Dawg have a question. Albert: Really? What is it? Mayor: Do you dragons really breathe fire? Albert: Yes, Mr. Mayor, we do. Now you're not going to let
me live here, are you? Mayor: We would like you to be our Fireman, Albert! Albert: But I thought a dragon can never be a fireman! Mayor: That may be true where you used to live! But up here
things are different! Townsperson 1: Up here it's so cold that even the fires in our
fireplaces freeze! Townsperson 2: We need more fire, not less! Townsperson 3: The kind of fireman we need is one who knows how
to start a fire! Assistant Mayor: We'll build a nice Firehouse for you, Albert! Mayor: When someone calls, you'll go to the person's house and
breathe into the fireplace! Assistant Mayor: And the person will be warm and happy again! Song: It's so cold in Frozen Dawg Even our fires freeze. We didn't know what we would do, Oh, won't you stay here, please? Please be our Fireman, Albert. We need someone like you. In the future, when our fires freeze, You'll know just what to do! Albert: Could I have a bright red hat? And a pole to slide down? Mayor: The brightest red hat. Assistant Mayor: And the slipperiest pole we can find! Albert: (crying happy tears) Well, gosh. A dragon's
dream can come true after all! The people all come forward and hug Albert. CURTAIN 2004 by Max Reif