Songs For Love

"I  am the song, its words and its melody, and I am the singer. I am the
musical instruments and the players and the listeners."—Meher Baba

     It's been said that a Master like Meher Baba "makes even stones into great orators." Therefore, it's practically inevitable that after soaking up this Love in many forms, including that of songs to Meher Baba by many matchless, Love-besotted troubadors , one would at some point "reach boiling point" and break into song, oneself!

     This first happened to me in 1976 (see "Breaking into Song"). The song was "Stars in Your Eyes".

     Below you may hear that song, and many more that Meher Baba has inspired to bloom like flowering vines climbing around and through this lifetime loved and suffered through by His lover, Max.

(Note: I've been re-recording these songs, beginning 2/06, because they were a
bit "technically challenged" the first time. So if you've already heard them, they
might be worth another listen.)

                       "Stars in Your Eyes"       "The Wake-Up Man"

"My Impressions Have Fallen in Love with Yours"

"Tread Lightly"         "Baba, My Love"

"Song of the New Humanity"

"Love's River"      "Sweet Intoxication"

"Twentieth Century Boy"          "Bombay, Indiana "

            "This Poet's Heart"                  "Lord of the Dance" (new, Meher                                                                                           Baba lyrics)

                             I intend to post some more songs soon

                                    "Mistrels of His Love" essay
                  and links to buying CDs of many of Meher's minstels

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