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Inside Jobs: Stories for Adults and Other Kids

an audiocassette of original short stories

written and narrated by Max Reif
produced by Chris Riger

"A gentle message from a gentle messenger." Nicholas Foster, author

(click here to see a larger, readable back cover)

Listen to "The Dreamer"
New! recording directly from the tape!
Includes all the sound effects by Emmy
Award-winning sound engineer, Chris Riger,
and the guitar interludes by Jeff Williams.

copies are $14 US, including shipping


THE DREAMERA "social misfit" learns that his visionary gifts have not been in vain.
(read "The Dreamer",  see illustrations)

    ANOTHER ORDINARY DAY—A day in the life of a hilariously "dysfunctional" family.

      THE MARTYR—Exiled from his former, activist life, he contemplates what it all really meant.

                 THE BALLAD OF A WARM CAFE—The entire journey of the Heart, all in a little cafe,                                                                                                  "hidden in plain sight of all."

                 MERUSCHA—A flower child's odyssey from victim to savior of her community.

                 SOUP-ER GOOD LUCK—A bowl of pure, child-like fun.

                 THE BIRD—A prolonged nightmare becomes a saga of transformation and healing

FARMER BROWN'S MENAGERIE—Farmer Brown wonders why he's always so
out after a day's work.

             THE IVORY CITY ON THE MOON—Life is hard for a little girl, 'til she meets—no, let's not
                            give it away!

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