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lowly, the people began to talk of the news of the dreams. Little groups

would buzz. And then a small group, seemingly told by no one, would plant a

garden, or sculpt a statue, or even build a building—exactly where the dreamer

had dreamed!

     No on knew how the instructions were being conveyed, but it was obvious

that everything the dreamer dreamed was being built; no project was ever

duplicated; and two groups never showed up at the same time and place to

contest how to carry out an idea.

     Then one day, the helper came out. As though expectantly, an unusual hush

came over the crowd.

      "The!" announced the helper in a solemn voice.

      The crowd heard in silence, lingered a moment, then dispersed in silence,

too. But strangely, there was no end to the new things appearing in the city. And

somehow also, they all continued to have the same, new look.

      This went on and on. The city continued to build itself! And soon it became

known to all, although no one needed to say the words:

                     Men and women had learned to dream again


© 1992 by Max Reif


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