by Max Reif

     Mr. Nugent came to Spotted Pony Preschool one Thursday morning to teach. He was a special teacher. He came at special times, like when one of the other teachers was sick.
     The children loved Mr. Nugent. They especially loved having Story Time with him. Sometimes Mr. Nugent made up stories. Sometimes he read them. The stories made the children feel like they were going to new worlds, or riding dragons, or meeting fairies and unicorns and talking animals.

     Today at story time, Samantha crawled over to Mr. Nugent as he was reading.
      "May I sit on your lap, Mr. Nugent?" she asked.
      "Why, of course, Samantha," Mr. Nugent smiled. Climb on up."
      Samantha found a nice, comfortable spot. Mr. Nugent went on reading the story. A little while later, Eric scooted over.
      "May I sit on your lap, too?" he asked.
      "Why, yes, Eric, I think there's room for one more," replied Mr. Nugent, hoisting Eric up by the waist and lowering him down to sit on the other side of his lap. He went on with the story again, but now Mikhaila came walking over.      

"Lapland", © 2005 by Max Reif


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