All alone in its corner of the universe, a sun shone.

      "Ha-ha, I'm mighty!" It thought, enjoying the sheer power of projecting

light and warmth out, out into cold, dark space.  "And the best thing about this

is, I'll be able to do it forever!"

      But after a long while, the sun began to think,  "I may be powerful, but I'm

also very lonely.  Sending my power into space like this is getting boring .  I

would feel happy again if I had something to shine on ." 

     But how could that ever happen?  As far as the sun knew, there was

nothing else in the universe: only the cold, dark space, without end.

       Unbeknownst to the sun, however, there were other things.  They were

just so very far away that none of them had ever come anywhere near the

sun.  These other things—untold numbers of  other suns, dense black holes,

massive clouds of gas, and all sizes and shapes of meteors and comets,  spun

and soared crazily every which way, continually entering new realms, out to

the very limits of the ever-expanding Universe.

      After eons and eons, one meteor—a large rock, that had broken off,

long before, from a comet that had slowed and begun to harden in its old

age—happened to soar into the corner of the universe where our sun had

always shone alone.

      As this rock sailed in view of the brilliant sun, she thought, "What have we


     She soared even closer, examining the big ball of light.

     "I kind of like the look and feel of this sun, at least this side of him," she

thought.  " I'd like to see more! "  She got into the sun's gravitational

field and sailed all the way around him! 

     "Wheeeee!" she giggled on Gravity's merry-go-round, all the while

remembering the reason for her ride. The more she saw of the sun, the more

she liked him.

 Shyly, when she was at her closest point to the sun, the rock spoke.

"I'd like you to be my sun," she breathed.  For the rock had truly  fallen in

love with the sun.

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