Barbara and Max's Wedding, July 6, 2003


     For now, because we're still unpacking a forest of boxes in our new home and trying to get a little settled here, I'll only share a couple of images. In this one, we hold our champagne glasses aloft as Liam Mullan gives our wedding toast.

     Here we are (below) in front of Beloved Baba, right where the ceremony had just taken place. We stood on a small "gabbeh", the carpets woven by Persian nomads whose story is told in the beautiful film, "Gabbeh". Barbara and I fell in love with the film and the carpets, and felt it appropriate to weave our own stories together on one of these carpets, each one of which tells a story in woven symbols.


     Below, you see Your Basic "Mishpuchah", Yiddish for "family," as much of the world seems to know. Come to think of it, we look a little like the cast of "Soap" that was pictured before each episode!
      From left, Barbara's dear mom, Ruth, who joined us from Long Beach, and Barbara's 21 year-old son, Victor. Directly to my right is Robineve Cole, Barbara's first cousin. Behind us is Robineve's husband, John. The Coles were lifesavers and hand-holders all through the wedding process. In front is our lovely flower girl, 9 year-old Francesca, John and Robineve's daughter.
      "Playing right end" is my mom, Corinne, who flew in from St. Louis.


     The picture below was the front of our wedding invitation. The four words were in gold on the real invitations, though. The words are concepts symbolizing the 4 pillars of the chuppah, the Jewish wedding canopy--or at least that's what we heard the rabbi say at a recent wedding we attended in LA.
     Mom lovingly told me I look like a "hippie wino" in this photo. Note the contrasting, spiffy haircut in the previous picture :-).

     Oh, yes: our wedding was very small, held in the private residence of some friends. The only people present who weren't local were our two mothers. We felt many of you, from around the country and globe, with us.


more later, Inshallah...