The entrance to the room in his childhood home in which  Meher Baba banged his head against the wall to try to "come down" during the months after his Kiss from the Perfect Master, Babajan.

Table of Contents

Journey to God, 2011: Air Emirates, Economy Class (poem)
First Darshan Back at Samadhi (poem)
Lines Written While Walking Back from Morning Arti (poem)
The MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) and Courtyard Tile Wall
Pune, the City of God (a photo album)
Paying Respects to Upasni Maharaj (photo album)
Paying Respects to Sai Baba (essay)
the Prithvi ("A Movement of Rural Empowerment") Shop, Arangaon Village
Adventure on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway
On "Re-Entry" After Pilgrimage: from the Sublime to...??