A Springtime Walk in Berkeley
Monday was the first day of my spring break from school. I went to "sample the world" in Berkeley, as I often do during holidays. Living so close to destinations like Berkeley and San Francisco that people travel to from all over the world, I like to take advantage of the "discount" and go for the price of gas alone (though admittedly that's higher and higher). Of course, you never know what you'll see in Berkeley. This time I brought our new camera. I hope you'll catch the flavor from these pages and be happy I went on this "expedition", too.

"The Back Way"—Nature's Lovely Garb"

From Tilden Park overlook along Wildcat Canyon Road
(click image to see a large version)

A hazy Mount Diablo

Another view

Through the park toward Berkeley

A few homes hide as the road nears the park exit

More rustic domiciles across a small valley
(click image for large version)


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