Quirky and Delightful As Ever

     An enormous amount of restoration has been going on in downtown Berkeley, especially on the little streets running down from Shattuck. The Berkeley Rep, which I didn't get a picture of, looks great! There are other new theaters and galleries in the area, too.

view from near Grizzly Peak Road on the way down
(click for bigger image)

from a wall of children's tiles in the park near City Hall
(click for bigger image)
Here's the website link for the World Walls for Peace,
which began in Berkeley and are now all over the world.

A particularly striking angel picture on the wall
(click for a bigger image)

Public art on Shattuck. I'd never noticed it before,
though I see it's been there 4 years!

Had my wife's employer secretly
opened a Berkeley office?

Cool sign, I thought. It's part of UC.
They have their own jazz club.

a little side excursion

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Downtown Berkeley Association website—events, restaurants, galleries, theaters, all here


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