Group photo at Meher Dham, Nauranga, 1996

         Memory, where are you when I need you? This photo of our intrepid Hamirpur Pilgrimage group was taken at Meher Dham, the "Baba Temple" in the village of Nauranga in the Hamirpur district.. It was one of the later stops of our February, 1996 journey. The temple is a rather modern-looking place, built around a large courtyard. The highlight, for me, of our stay there, was sharing songs one night with two young men who were on fire with singing about Baba's visit there in the '50s! They sang in Hindi, but that couldn't have lessened the impact, much.

     Our group: (l. to r., front row): yours truly, Pam Goodrum (I don't remember Pam's maiden name), Yadov, our guide for the 2 weeks, Sara Richman, Marshall (an American who found his way to Baba's Samadhi while travelling alone around the world and then joined us), Giovanni (from Italy),
     (l. to r., second row): In center, head between Yadov and Sara: Jonathon Burroughs, to his right, Flint Mednick. Behind Mungelal, Anna Louwellen.
     At the right end of the front row is Janak Singh, who is the son of Bapu Ram Prasad, who asked and received permission fro Baba to build Meher Dham. All the others in the picture are local people whose names I don't recall. Mangelal, a local Baba-lover who joined us for our entire tour of the Hamirpur district, somehow missed this photo op.


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