Viewers contemplate "Surrender" by David Berry and collages by Janet Luck.


     This interview, also conducted near the front door of the theater as two ladies and a man were finished taking a final look at the photo exhibit and were about to leave together, was so informal that I forget to ask their name
s. "Ellen" is the only name that was spoken in the course of the interview. "Teresa" and "Brad" are fictional names.

And you folks? What is the saga of your journey here to see this film?

Ellen: I'd heard of Meher Baba about thirty years ago, and I got busy with my life, put it on the back burner, and just started reading about Him again recently.

Question: And did you all see the ads in the papers?

All three: Yeah!

Teresa: The funny thing is, I didn't know anything about Him, and I didn't know you knew anything about Him, Ellen. But I'd been reading the ads, because I get the Chronicle every day. I've just been reading everything in the ads, for as long as they've been in there. And thinking, "Oh, gosh, do I want to go up there by myself, do I want to drive up?"
            So then anyway, Ellen, who's my sweet friend, says, "Hey, we're goin' to go see this movie!" and I just couldn't believe it (all laugh)! I'd been reading these ads like every day!

Ellen: Yeah, that's great, that worked out well!

Question: (pointing to Brad) And how'd you manage to get here?

Brad: (pointing to Ellen) I'm with her.

Ellen: Yeah, I  forced him to come along (everyone laughs)!

Teresa: He's our driver--our protector.

Question: Did the film speak to you and did you feel Baba?

Teresa: Yeah, it was great! It was fascinating. Really interesting. I used to do a lot of spiritual studies when I was in college, and I just totally missed this one. I mean, one thing I was thinking about was "How did I miss this?" I was into everything, reading everything, about Yogananda and what was going on in the East and West, and I missed this whole thing. So I'm fascinated. I'll probably read the book when you're done with it, Ellen—maybe before you're done with it! (laughter)

Ellen: Yeah, maybe, I'll have to start it all over again, I think I pulled my bookmark out. I need to start this one over again.

Question: Which book?

Ellen: God Speaks. I got part way through and went out and bought Listen, Humanity.


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