photo by Allen R. McConnell


                          posted July 2


     I caught the first show at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco today at 4 pm.

     As you may have read, a glorious exhibit of paintings of Meher Baba, by many different Baba artists, graces the lobby. Also, Sage Ott was playing Baba songs in the lobby before the movie, and there was a nice book table.

     If you've never seen the Avatar on a really big screen, you've got something to look forward to. The print of the film appeared kind of grainy today. For me, though, that quality actually enhanced the film in many places, imparting a charming, painterly and timeless effect to some of the backgrounds.

     Baba is His Radiant Self in the movie, looking gorgeous in many shots. And as many of you know, these are the only (or almost the only) films in existence of Baba working with masts. Fantastic!

     The show I went to was at a time when most people were working. God Willing, Baba will draw many to this lovely, thousand-seat theater. There are sizable ads, I'm told, in the Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly, two alternative newspapers with large circulations.

     I'm going to go around and put up posters tomorrow. Other Baba-lovers in the Bay Area will be doing the same thing. For more information about the film schedule, and if you'd like more information about how the film came to be, go to .


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