The Milt Famy Joke

(this joke is especially for Mark Brutus, who laughed till I thought he would die)

     Milt Famy was the greatest pitcher and some believed the greatest baseball player, period, who ever lived. He single-handedly pitched his team to the World Series, and they easily won the three games he was able to pitch in the Series. However, the other team won three games while Milt was resting. Now, in the 7th game of the World Series, Milt was again pitching.
     The game was a 0-0 pitcher's battle as Milt Famy walked out to the mound for the bottom of the 9th inning. Milt took the sign from the catcher, wound up and pitched. A ball. He quickly pitched three more balls and walked the first batter. A stir went through the crowd. Milt Famy rarely walked anyone, let alone on four pitches.
     The next batter came up, and Milt walked him on four pitches, too. Then two more batters. The game and the Series were lost!
     As the runner on third base crossed home plate with the winning run, he glanced out at the pitcher's mound and saw a can of beer fall out the back pocket of Milt Famy's uniform.
     It was all too obvious what had happened. Milt Famy had been drinking between innings! The runner pointed to the beer and shouted out, "That's the beer that made Milt Famy walk us!"


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