The Suit

     A guy buys a new suit to wear to a friend's wedding. The tailor marks it for alterations, and the next week, the buyer goes back to the store and picks it up. As is the custom, he tries on the altered suit. He finds that the tailor has done such a terrible job, it looks absolutely grotesque on him.
    Standing in front of the tailor's mirror, he complains. "Look at this! This leg is three inches too long, the jacket hangs to the other side, the seat balloons out. You should be ashamed! And the wedding is this afternoon!"
    The tailor is not flustered. "It's nothing," he says. "I'll show you what to do. You hold this part in this hand like this." He bunches up one side of the pants and places it in the man's hand.
   "Now," says the tailor,"You hold this over here like this." He puts another handful of material, on the other side, in the fellow's other hand.
   "Now you lean over, like this." The tailor demonstrates, walking with his shoulders at a strange angle to the ground.
   The man doesn't have time to do anything else. So he has the tailor put his other clothes in the suit box, makes all the "adjustments" the tailor has recommended, and, wearing the suit, hobbles down the store's escalator and out the door.
     Two old ladies are sitting on a bench across the street, waiting for a bus.
     "Oy, look at that poor man!" says one of them as they see the man hobbling grotesquely down the street.
     "Yes," says her friend, shaking her head in pity. "But doesn't his suit look nice!"



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