sunrise along nevada highway 50
chicago water park and fountain near lake front downtown
Left: sunrise along Highway 50, Nevada.   Right: waterwall and fountain, lakefront park, downtown Chicago

Introductory, Anticipatory Poem

Time For An Adventure!

Love and Practicality In a Small Mountain Town (Placerville, CA)
Stirrings of Glory As the Sierras Rise
Lake Tahoe: a "Peak Experience"
Into the Desert, Before the Sun Goes Down! (Tahoe-Fallon, NV)
Athena's Story (Carson City)
"Listening To Baseball in the Nevada Desert" (poem)
"The Desert Impressionist (poem)"
Fallon, Nevada To Delta, Utah on "the loneliest road in America"
Entropy and Order in a Mini-Universe (Essay #1)
Delta, Utah to the I-70 Interchange
The Wonders Of Utah (Essay #2)
Colorado: To Denver and Beyond
Occurrence At the Limon Travel Center Corral: A Cellphone Nightmare
Kansas, All Day Long
Kansas City
Columbia, Missouri and Bric-Bracs Along the Road
"This Moment": Poem on the Road to Chicago (I-55, Illinois)
CHICAGO Exponential: Great Day In a Great City

Poetic Coda

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Supplementary Side-Excursion:
Cahokia, Illinois, a World Heritage site


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