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     Art Note Cards from paintings by Max Reif
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High-Gloss Note Cards
on Heavy Card Stock

4.25"x5.5" blank cards from original paintings

"Touching the Soul"
"Touching the Soul" (#1A)       
a painting meant to shine like a stained glass
window, that began as a simple pencil sketch
one morning as I sat in bed shortly after waking.
$1.25 each w/envelope
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"The Sun and Moon in Love
"The Sun and Moon in Love" (#1B)
a playful personification of cosmic symbols,
suggesting a balancing of inner opposites
$1.25 each w/envelope
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"City/Self Mandala"
"City/Self Mandala" (#1C)
an improvisation of an external motif,
a map, to represent an internal realm.
$1.25 each w/envelope
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"Ring of Bright Water"
"Ring of Bright Water" (#1D)
another rhythmic, child-like
mandala of lovers and love
$1.25 each w/envelope
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  "Clowns At War"
"Clowns At War" (#1E)
pure play with paint and figures of imagination
evolved into what we read as social satire.
$1.25 each w/envelope

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"Dreamtime" (#2c)
pure fantasy, based on African and
Australian aboriginal themes
$.075 each with envelope
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